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ORAMI the Leading Ecommerce for MOM and BABY NEEDS in Indonesia

Orami has been existed in 2012 as e-commerce website that provides moms and baby necessity with the name Ferry Tenka as CEO and his team expanded their business into regional market by merging with Moxy, e-commerce site from Thailand which focused on women’s products.

Ferry Tenka graduated from Purdue Univ, USA, majoring in Science Eng with cum laude on 2007. During his univ life, Ferry was engaged in lots of campus activities, which attracted the interest of many large companies toward him. His career thus begun in SanDisk,Inc (USA), where he worked as system design eng, a job that is coveted by many people. However for him, this was not his passion. Inspired by his father whom is a enterpreuner, Ferry dreamed to build his own company. Two years later, he gathered his resolution and return home to Indonesia to start his career as an entreprenuer.

In 2016, Bilna and Moxy re-launched the brand with the name Orami. The merger was claimed that Orami can reach more moms who are the main audiences and produce the biggest online platform for women in Southeast Asia. Orami has become a friend of mothers and developed into a solution for moms in Indonesia by strengthening Orami’s community and content.

There was an increase in Orami’s page viewers up to 400% and unique visitors up to 1000 times compared in 2016. This was also supported because of the different ways in which mothers consuming media and searching for information through online. Furthermore, it showed that the moms who initially only to shopping, then now have begun to actively read content and see what is happening in the Orami community.

The content of Orami has been around for a long time. However, Orami has updated for making more easy to access in everytime and everywhere by moms, and also more interesting actually. Orami has dedicated content team who developing and presenting a series of articles and videos to support mom, which are very relevant and interesting visually.

In addition, Orami also strengthens the community which is a support system for moms to face daily activities. For the first time Orami launched #OramiBirthClub for moms who gave birth throughout 2017 in the end 2017. Furthermore, there are an online discussion forum on the Orami website that contains various threads of discussion between moms.

One of features in Orami website, “Ask the Experts” that can help moms to answers the questions by the experts. Orami calls for all these features, one stop dedication for moms in Indonesia, for better the next generation.

Ferry will share all his experience and story about “Building the Number 1 Ecommerce for baby and mother supplies in Indonesia”, so don’t miss this rare opportunity to book this event and hear Ferry speaking about his Ecommerce Business.

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