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Tuesday 14 august 2018, ACE e-Commerce jakarta create an event with guest speaker Ronald Wijaya as CEO of Lemonilo with the theme “How to build your own sustainable business in digital and e-commerce era”.

Ronald Wijaya shared story how the beginning of Lemonilo and how lemonilo can survive in digital and e-commerce era. Lemonilo is a brand where he sells healthy food products. Before the founding of lemonilo, Ronald wijaya had a startup business “Konsula”. Konsula is a health platform in Indonesian with the mission to enlarge access health for the people of Indonesian.

And in time “Konsula” he managed with his two friends failed. he didn’t just get there, he immediately set up “lemonilo”. Ronald Wijaya builds lemonilo completely from scratch, starts marketing his own products, starts with just ordinary plastic packaging, and now he can put into large supermarkets in Indonesia.

CEO of Lemonilo Ronald Wijaya said “We must be able to find the best position in a market, lemonilo takes The Gap between good but cheap food with healthy food that is expensive but not tasty”. he also said “the importance of analysts if they want to establish a brand, which is how important and needs our brand in a market”.

Ronald Wijaya revealed that the difficulty of penetrating all circles of Indonesian society, he also reminded “Start-ups can be focused and specific in choosing a target market.”

In building his business, he was very thorough in finding employees. He said “You only work to people you like, because building a startup business is a tiring work so we can work happy and go home happy”.

Ronald Wijaya reminds people who want to start a startup business to scale up when your product works. He also added “try to build-measure-learn-loop, never stick to one idea but try to learn more to find new ideas and never stop developing”.

In the last session is a QnA session, someone asked “how to face the competitors in the digital world now?” Ronald Wijaya also revealed “if you want to make a startup business do not think about competitors first, but try to think of a product that is really needed by people but no one has played there yet. “He also added “make a quickly growup before your competitors come.”

At the closing of the event, the participants are invited to have a discussion where they are expected to provide input for the next event “who they want to invite guest speakers ?” and “what kind of theme they are requesting for the next event next month.”

For friends who haven’t joined our event, you can take part in the next month event where we will discuss more about the business world and of course we will learn together to become a reliable businessman.

The event was sponsored by AsiaCommerce which collaborated with Cocowork. What is AsiaCommerce? AsiaCommerce is a service and service for the procurement of imported goods and the delivery of imported goods for e-commerce and retail businesses that are based in Jakarta and Surabaya. AsiaCommerce provides solutions and services ranging from product classification to 8 main categories including accessories, furniture, cosmetics, food & beverages, fashion, shoes, bags and electronics. We also meet clients’ needs with export and import consulting services, package consolidation, logistics delivery, quality inspection, goods procurement, shipping services, to customs clearance, so you can focus fully on your business. So you just have to order items that are cool and wait for the goods to arrive. If you want to export, you can fully focus on the production of goods only, because customs management will be fully managed by AsiaCommerce.

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